Celebrities Who Died In 2010

We say good bye to the following celebrities who died in 2010. The following are the celebrity deaths in 2010:

Celebrities who died in January 2010.

“Incarcerated Bob” was a regular radio caller who was hit by a drunk driver on New Year’s Eve. “Incarcerated Bob” died on Jan 2. Read and hear “Incarcerated Bob”‘s voice here.

Rory Markas, who was working as the Los Angeles Angels sportscaster, was found dead on Jan 4. Cause of death and date of death are unknown.

Paula Sladewski, former one time Playboy model, found dead on Jan 3. Sladewski’s date of death is unknown. Details at the link on Paula Sladewski.

Casey Johnson was found dead on Jan 4 but exact date of death undetermined. Read more about Casey Johnson’s death in the link.

Eunice Johnson died on Sunday, Jan 3. Read details on Eunice Johnson at the link.

Sandro, aka Roberto Sanchez, a singer and entertainer, died on Monday, Jan 4. Sandro had been hailed as the “Elvis of Argentina”.

Stephen Huneck, 60, artist, died on Thursday, Jan 7. Huneck committed suicide. His wife Gwen Huneck said Stephen was depressed over the economic downturn and subsequent firing of employees.

Yvonne Zanos, KDKA-TV News reporter, died of ovarian cancer. Zanos died on Jan 8.

Catherine Eugenia “Jean” Finnegan Biden died on Jan 8. Jean Biden was the mother of the US Vice-President, Joe Biden. Ms Biden died at the age of 92.

Jan 8 death – Amir Vahedi, professional poker player, died on Jan 8, 2010. Vahedi’s cause of death is related to diabetes.

Art Clokey, the animator for Gumby, died on Jan 8. Clokey was 89 when he passed away.

Jan 9 – Ken Genser, Santa Monica Mayor, died on Sat, Jan 9. Genser died of an illness. Genser was hospitalized since Oct 2009, for respiratory problems.

Jan 11 – Joe Rollino, 104, a former boxer nicknamed “Kid Dundee”, died on Monday, Jan 11. Rollino was hit by a minivan in Brooklyn and died in hospital.

Jan 11 – Eric Rohmer, a French film maker, died at the age of 89. Rohmer died on Mon, Jan 11.

Miep Gies, 100, died. Gies’ cause of death was due to an illness. Gies helped to feed Anne Frank’s family by secretly giving food to them. Gies saved Anne Frank’s diary and gave it to her father.

Jan 12-13: Jay Reatard, 29, a punk rocker, died in his sleep sometime between Tuesday night Jan 12 and early Wednesday morning, Jan 13. Reatard was born Jay Jimmy Lee Lindsey Jr.

Donald Goerke, the creator of SpaghettiOs, has died at the age of 83. Goerke died of heart failure, on Sunday, Jan 10. Goerke worked for Campbell and was also one of the creators of Campbell’s Chunky Soup.

Jan 13 – Theodore DeReese Teddy Pendergrass Sr was a singer and songwriter. Pendergrass started his music career as a drummer and then was given the chance to be a singer. On March 18, 1982, Pendergrass’ car crashed into a tree and he suffered spinal injuries. Although Pendergrass was paralyzed from his waist down, he rehabilitated and continued his music career. Pendergrass suffered from colon cancer and his surgery was draining him. Teddy Pendergrass died on Jan 13, 2010. He passed away at the age of 59.

Jean Jimmy Alexandre, also known as “Jimmy O”, was killed in the Haiti earthquake. Jimmy O was one of the members of Yele Haiti foundation and also developed local Haiti music talent. Jimmy O, 35, was in Haiti to produce a mixtape. Alexandre was driving in Port-au-Prince when the earthquake struck and he was buried in his car.

Jan 16 – Carl Smith, 82, a country music singer, has died on Saturday, Jan 16.

Jan 17 – Jyoti Basu died in Kolkata, India.

Jan 17 – Erich Segal, 72, the writer of the novel “Love Story”, ended his life’s story on Sunday, Jan 17. Segal’s cause of death was due to a heart attack. Segal suffered from Parkinson’s for the past 25 years. He leaves behind his wife, Karen James Segal, Francesca Segal, 29, and Miranda Segal, 20.

Jan 18 – Karaganahalli Subbaraya Ashwath, an actor from India, died.

Carl Smith, 82, a country music singer, has died on Saturday, Jan 16.

Jan 18 – Robert Parker,77, novelist, died on Mon, Jan 18.

Jan 18 – Kate McGarrigie, 63, a Canadian folk singer, died on Mon, Jan 18. McGarrigie’s cause of death was from clear cell sarcoma, a type of cancer. McGarrigie’s children, Rufus Wainwright and Martha Wainwright, are also musicians. Her sister, Anna McGarrigie, used to be her partner in music. McGarrigie’s former husband was Loudon Wainwright.

Jan 19 – Jennifer Lyon, 37, former contestant on Survivor Palau (2005), died. Lyon came in 4th place. Lyon died in Oregon on Tuesday, Jan 19. Lyon had discovered she had stage 3 breast cancer in 2005. After a long battle, she passed away.

Jan 22 – Apache, a Rapper, died on Friday, Jan 22. Apache, aka Anthony Teaks, died from an undisclosed illness. Details of Teaks’ cause of death would be unknown.

Jan 22 – Jean Simmons died at 80. Simmons died on Friday, Jan 22, in Santa Monica. Simmons’ cause of death was lung cancer. Simmons was an actress for over 60 years and had made 55 movies and another 55 TV shows.

Jan 22 – James Mitchell, 89, an actor, died on Jan 22. Mitchell’s cause of death was pulmonary disease and pneumonia. James left behind his partner, Albert Wolsky.

Jan 24 – Daniel Kerrigan died. Kerrigan died of a heart attack after an altercation with his son, Mark. Daniel is Nancy Kerrigan’s father.

Jan 24 – Pernell Roberts, an actor, died at the age of 81. Roberts is survived by his wife, Eleanor Criswell.

Jan 27 – Zelda Rubinstein, actress in The Poltergeist movies, died. Details here.

Jan 27 – Howard Zinn, writer/ political activist/ teacher, died at the age of 87.

Jan 27 – Jasmina Anema, 6, died on Wed, Jan 27. Read the story of her fight here.

Jan 27 – Betty Lou Keim, an actress, died on Jan 27. Keim’s cause of death at 71 was due to lung cancer.

Jan 28 – JD Salinger, an author, died at 91. Salinger’s famous book was “Catcher In The Rye”. Salinger died on Wednesday, Jan 27, in his home, in New Hampshire.

Celebrities who died in February 2010.

Feb 1 – Nick Dewar, an illustrator, died on Mon, Feb 1. Dewar died at the age of 37.

Feb 1 – Jack Brisco, a wrestler, died on Monday, Feb 1, at 68.

Feb 1 – Justin Mentell, actor, died on Mon, Feb 1. Mentell was killed in a single vehicle accident. Read details on Justin Mentell here.

Feb 2 – Tahir Hussain, a movie producer in India, died on Feb 2. Details here.

Feb 3 – Frances Reid, the actress who played Alice Horton in “Days Of Our Lives” died on Feb 3.

Feb 5 – Sir John Dankworth, 82, a saxophonist, died on Sat, Feb 6. Sir Dankworth left behind his widow, Dame Cleo Laine, one son, and one daughter.

Feb 5 – Ian Carmichael, 89, a British actor, died on Friday, Feb 5. Carmichael left behind his wife, Kate Fenton, 55. Carmichael’s fist wife, Pym, had died in 1983. Carmichael is survived by his daughters, grandchildren and great-grandchildren.

Feb 8 – John Murtha, 77, died on Monday, Feb 8. Murtha’s cause of death was due to complications from a gall bladder removal surgery.

Feb 9 – Phil Harris died on Feb 9. Read here.

George Clinton Jr, the son of George Clinton, died during the first week of Feb 2010.

Charlie Wilson, 76, died of a heart attack. Wilson was a former Congressman from Texas. Wilson’s death was announced on Wed, Feb 10.

Lee Alexander McQueen, 40, fashion designer, was found dead on Thursday, Feb 11. McQueen allegedly committed suicide.

Fred Morrison, the creator of the Frisbee, died at the age of 90.

Feb 12 – Nodar Kumaritashvili, from the Republic of Georgia, died in a Winter Olympics practice luge session at Whistler Mountain, BC, Canada. Kumaritashvili, 21, crashed into a metal pole and died of his injuries.

Feb 13 – Lucille Clifton, a poet, 73, died on Feb 13. Clifton suffered from an illness due to an infection before her death. On Friday, Feb 12, Clifton was in hospital for a surgery to remove her colon. Clifton’s cause of death remained uncertain.

Feb 14 – Dick Francis, 89, writer of thriller books, died on Sunday, Feb 14. Dick Francis’ cause of death was due to natural causes.

Doug Fieger, lead singer of The Knack, 57, has died. Fieger’s cause of death was due to cancer. Fieger, a rock singer, was best known for his 1979 hit song, My Sharona.

Feb 15 – Dana Kirk, a former basketball head coach for Memphis Tigers Men’s team, has died. Kirk died on Monday, Feb 15.

Feb 16 – Bo Griffin, of Greenville, a radio/TV personality and fashion designer, died on Tuesday, Feb 16.

Feb 17 – Kathryn Grayson, a singer/actress, 88, died on Wed, Feb 17. Kathryn Grayson’s cause of death was due to natural causes.

Feb 20 – Alexander Haig, retired Army General, died on Sat, Feb 20. Haig’s cause of death was due to complications from an infection. Haig was 85 when he passed away in hospital.

Caroline McWilliams, 64, an actress, died on Feb 11. McWilliams’ cause of death was due to multiple Myeloma. McWilliams’ death was only published in the major newspapers on Feb 22. Sorry for the late information.

Feb 24 – CR Johnson, of Truckee, a freeskier, died. Johnson, 26, died n Squaw Valley, when his ski hit an exposed rock and he fell downhill. Johnson hit several rocks before his body stopped moving some hundreds of yards below the ridge at Light Towers, near Headwall.

Feb 14 – Feb 25: Some time between Feb 14 and 25, Andrew Koenig died in Stanley Park, Vancouver, Canada. Koenig committed suicide. Koenig’s body was only found on Feb 25, days after he went missing from Feb 14. Some details are here. First report found here.

Feb 26 – Michael Blosil, around 19-20 years old, died. He was Marie Osmond’s son. Details here.

Tom Wolk, aka T-Bone, bassist and producer, died at 58. Details here.

Celebrities who died in March 2010.

March 1 – Kristian Digby, 32, a BBC presenter, was found dead in his east London home. Digby was a host for BBC Daytime. He was also a film director. Before he entered the TV and film industry, Digby worked in property development. Digby started in property shows and climbed up. Police said Digby’s death was unexplained.

March 6 – Mark Linkous, lead singer of the American pop band Sparklehorse, died. Mark Linkous was in his forties when he passed away. He took his own life on March 6.

March 7 – Ben Westlund, Oregon state treasurer, died. Westlund’s cause of death was due to lung cancer.

March 7 – Mary Josephine Ray, 114, died on Sunday, March 7. Ray was 114 years and 294 days old. Ray lived in a nursing home in Westmoreland, New Hampshire.

Daisey Bailey, 113 years old and 342 days old, died a few hours later that Mary Ray. Bailey died in Detroit, Michigan.

Ray and Bailey were super-centenarians.

March 9 – Andrew Kwasniewski, the president of Hard Rock Hotel, in Las Vegas, died via suicide. Kwasniewski, 55, committed suicide by a gunshot wound through his head.

Kathy Taft, 62, a state school board member in NC, died of injuries on Tuesday, March 9, when she was attacked on Sat, March 6. Taft, of Greenville, was staying in her boyfriends home, while he was away in Florida.

Layla Grace, 2, died of Neuroblastoma on March 9.

March 9 – Doris Haddock, 89, died in New Hampshire. Haddock was nicknamed Granny D as she walked across America to draw attention to the need for changes in election campaign funding.

March 10 – Corey Haim, actor, died. Haim’s death is under investigation. Details here.

March 11 – Merlin Olsen, former footballer turned actor, died of mesothelioma cancer. Details on Merlin Olsen and mesothelioma are here.

March 14 – Peter Graves, actor, died at the age of 83. Details of Peter Graves’ survivors here.

March 13 – He Pingping died on March 13. He Pingping was the World’s Shortest Man.

March 17 – Alex Chilton, 59, a singer/ guitarist/ musician, died of a heart attack. Details are here.

March 18 – Nujabes, aka Jun Seba, died at 36, in a fatal car accident. Nujabes was a musician/ producer. Details are here.

March 18 – Fess Parker, an actor, died at 85, of natural causes. Details here.

March 20 – Girija Prasad Koirala, 85, ex Prime Minister of Nepal. Koirala died on Sat, March 20.

March 20 – Liz Carpenter, 89, author, activist and humorist, died on Sat, March 20.

March 21 – Jesse Masterpool, 14, died of head injuries sustained after a fall at the Lake Whitney Amateur National event. Masterpool’s condition was critical after his fall on March 13 and he finally passed away on March 21.

March 18 – Sean Stewart, 29, bassist for HTRK, died.

March 21 – Wolfgang Wagner, the former leader of the Bayreuth opera festival, has died at 90 years old. Wagner died on Sunday, March 21. Wagner retired from after the 2008 festival.

March 24 – Jim Marshall, a photographer for musicians, has died. Marshall passed away at 74.

March 24 – Robert Culp, 79, actor, died on March 24. Culp was on his walk when he fell, hit his head and died.

March 24 – Johnny Maestro, 70, singer/ musician, died of cancer, on Wed night, March 24.

March 27 – Michael Lowes, 28, UK reality TV star in Bad Lads Army. Michael Lowes details.

March 28 – June Havoc, 97, actress, died on Sun, March 28. June Havoc died of natural causes.

March 29 – Dan Duncan, a billionaire energy tycoon, 77, died in Houston, on Sun., March 28.

March 30 – David Mills, a scriptwriter and co-producer of “Treme”, died on Tue, March 30. David Mills had an aneurysm and passed away suddenly. Mills lived in New Orleans and set Treme in NO. Treme will premiere on April 11.

March 31 – Caresse Henry, 44, celebrity talent manager. Unconfirmed reports said suspected cause of death was suicide. Details at link.

March 31 – John Forsythe, 92, actor, cause of death pneumonia and cancer. Forsythe’s famous roles were in Dynasty, Bachelor father and Charlie’s Angels. Forsythe’s voice portrayed Charlie’s voice.

Celebrity deaths in April 2010:

April 3 – Mullikin, actor, died on April 3. Mullikin was famous for his role in “Hello Dolly”, a musical on stage. Mullikin left behind his son and daughter.

April 6 – Wilma Mankiller, 64, died on Tuesday, April 6. Mankiller was the first woman to lead the Native American Cherokee tribe. Wilma Mankiller details in post.

April 7 – Christopher Cazenove, 66, actor, died. Details on Chris Cazenove here.

April 8 – Malcolm McLaren, singer, ex band manager of Sex Pistols, died at 64. Malcolm McLaren Details.

April 8 – Monica Beresford-Redman, wife of survivor producer Bruce Beresford-Redman, was found dead in a hotel sewer. Details at Monica Beresford-Redman link.

April 10 – Lech Kaczynski and Maria Kaczynski, the Polish President and his First Lady, died in a plane crash near Smolensk’s katyn Forest, in Russia. Lech Kaczynski and Maria Kaczynski plane crash details.

April 10 – Dixie Carter, an actress, died at 70 years old. Dixie was the wife of Hal Holbrook, an actor. Dixie Carter eulogy here.

April 10 – Meinhardt Raabe, 94, actor, died. Meinhardt Raabe details here.

April 13 – Peter Steele, 48, frontman of the band Type O Negative, died on Tues, April 13. Peter Steele’s details are at the link.

April 15 – Jack Here 70, died from complications of a heart attack suffered in 2009. Here died on April 15.

April 19 – Guru Gangstarr, a rapper, died of cancer, at 43.

April 19 – Sheryl Wolfe, Beauty Queen holding the title, Miss Teen Hawaii United States 2010, died. Sheryl Wolfe’s cause of death was due to a massive stroke sustained on April 13, 2010.

April 20 – Keli McGregor, 48, Team President of Colorado Rockies, was found unconscious in his hotel room. McGregor is believed to have died of natural causes.

April 22 – Lina Marulanda, a fashion model from Colombia, died on Thur, April 22. Marulanda committed suicide.

April 24 – DJ Hideo died of colon cancer. Details in link.

April 22 – Ambrose Olsen, fashion model, died suddenly.

April – Dorothy Provine, 75, died of emphysema.

April 30 – Peter Lopez, husband of actress Catherine Bach, has died. Lopez, a lawyer, is suspected to have committed suicide.

Celebrity deaths in May 2010:

April or May – Gail Jensen Carradine, ex wife of David Carradine, died after a fall.

May 1 – Helen Wagner, 91, actress, died on Sat, May 1.

May 1 – Danny Aiello III, son of actor Danny Aiello II, died on May 1, 2010. Danny III was 53 when he died. The cause of death for Danny was pancreatic cancer.

May 2 – Lynn Redgrave, 67, actress died on Sun, May 2.

May 4 2010 – Ernie Harwell, 92, Hall of Fame broadcaster for the Detroit Tigers, died May 4th, 2010. William Ernest “Ernie” Harwell passed away after battling cancer for one year. Harwell was respected for his eloquence and kindness.

May 11, 2010 – Dave Fisher, musician and band leader of The Highwaymen. Dave Fisher’s cause of death was due to a bone marrow disorder.

May 14 – Besian Idrizaj, soccer player, died overnight in his sleep.

May 15 Celebrity dead is Yung Hott, a rapper, who was caught in a hail of bullets in a street fight.

May 15 – Celebrity potential professional basketball player Tobi Oyedeji died in a car accident.

May 16 – Ronnie James Dio, heavy metal rock singer, died of stomach cancer complications.

May 23 – Jose Lima, former baseball pitcher in the Major League, died of a heart attack.

May 23 – Brittany Murphy’s husband/ widower, Simon Monjack, died of natural causes at 39/ 40 years old.

May 24 – Paul Grey, bassist for Slipknot, died in his hotel room.

May 25 – Sandra “Sandy” Herold, the owner of the chimpanzee Travis, died.

May 28 – Gary Coleman, actor, 42, died of intracranial hemorrhage.

May 29 – Dennis Hooper, 74, died of prostate cancer. Read about his deathbed divorce here.

May 29 – Jeriome Robertson, former pitcher playing in the major league, died on Sat, May 29. Robertson died after a motorcycle accident. He lost control of his bike and crashed it.

May 31 – Louise Bourgeois, 98, an American artist, died on Mon, May 31. Bourgeois’ cause of death was due to a heart attack.

May 31 – Andrew Koppel, 40, son of Ted Koppel, died on Monday, around early morning 1:30 am, May 31, after Sunday night’s drinking session. Koppel’s friend, Belinda Coban, said they let Koppel sleep in a bedroom. Coban and the others decided to call for help but when the ambulance came, the paramedics said Andrew Koppel was dead.

May or June 2010 – Tobias Wong, 35, artist and designer, has died. Tobias Wong was based in NY.

Celebrities who died in June 2010:

June 2 – Bill Austin has died. Bill Austin was the co-host of the radio show “Beth and Bill Morning Show”, on 99.9 KEZ. Austin passed away on Wed, June 2.

Beth McDonald said she was at his hospital deathbed during his final moments. McDonald described Austin as like a beloved brother. 99.9 KEZ is going to air “A Tribute To Bill Austin” on Fri, June 4, from 6 to 10 am. Bill Austin had worked in the radio stations for about 20 years and the tribute will feature excerpts from his shows.

June 3 2010 – Rue McClanahan, an actress, died on Thursday, June 3. Rue McClanahan’s life was bitter sweet with 6 husbands. Read about Rue McClanahan and her husbands here.

June 4 – Arne Backstrom, a professional freeskier, was killed in a skiing accident. Backstrom, 29, died after a big-mountain fall.

June 4 announcement – Richard Dunn, actor, 73, has died. Richard Dunn played a talk show host in the series, Tim and Eric Awesome Show, Great Job!”.

June 4 saw the death of another celebrity, John Wooden. Wooden was the only basketball coach who could win 10 NCAA National championships for UCLA, over a period of 12 years. John Wooden has been hailed as one of the greatest basketball coaches in history.

June 6, 2010 – Marvin Isley, 56, formerly from the band Isley Brothers.

June 5, 2010 – Steven Reuther, a producer, died of cancer at the age of 58. Steven Reuther was known as the producer of “Dirty Dancing” and around 29 other famous movies. Reuther passed away on Sat, June 5. Reuther died at his home in Santa Monica, Ca. Steven Reuther left behind his daughter Danielle Reuther, his mother, sister and two brothers.

June 9 2010 – Marina Semyonova, 102, first Soviet trained prima ballerina, died Wed, June 9, 2010.

June 11 2010 – Zenani Mandela, great grand-daughter of Nelson Mandel. Zenani, 13, died in a car accident when the car she was traveling in flipped over.

June 13, 2010 – Jimmy Dean, 81, country music singer, actor and sausage brand businessman, died.

June 13, 2010 – Will Koch, the president of Holiday World and Splashin’ Safari amusement park, has died. Will Koch had diabetes and his cause of death is believed to be from complications of diabetes. Will Koch passed away at the age of 48.

June 8 2010 – Don Jones, an opera singer, was found fatally shot at Fort Dupont Park, off Minnesota Avenue, in southeast DC. Jones is survived by his widow, Charita Jones, and their newly adopted, two kids. The children are 3 month old babies. Police are investigating.

June 19, 2010 - Manute Bol, former NBA player, died on Sat, June 19. Manute Bol, 47, died of kidney trouble and a skin condition.

June 20, 2010 – Edith Shain, 91, the nurse who was kissed by a sailor on the street after the end of World War II, has died. Edith Shain died on Sunday, June 20.

June 23 is Prescott Bush Jr, 87. Mr Bush died on Wed, June 23, 2010. Prescott Bush was the brother of President George Bush. Prescott was the uncle of George W Bush, another President.

Prescott Bush left behind his wife, Elizabeth Bush, his son, James Bush, his daughter Kelsey Bush-Nadeau, and 6 grandchildren.

Prescott Bush Jr, RIP.

June 27, 2010 – Sergio Vega, a singer, aka stage name El Shaka, died. It was announced on June 27/ 28.

June 27, 2010 – Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s husband, Mr Martin David Ginsburg, died on Sun, June 27. Details on Martin Ginsburg here.

June 28, 2010 – Senator Robrt Byrd, 92, died of dehydration and complications to his health.

Celebrity wrestler who died on June 28, 2010 – Michael Kirkham, aka Tree Kirkham, died from brain bleeding. Kirkham, 30, suffered his fatal brain injury in his debut professional fight for the MMA in Aiken, South Carolina.

Korean celebrity dead on June 30, 2010 in Seoul, Korea – Park Yong-ha, singer and actor, committed suicide at home. Park Yong-ha died by hanging.

Something happened to Rammelzee but no official body has confirmed it. Rammelzee, around 60 years old, was a hip hop artist in music, as well as an artist graffiti illustrator, allegedly died. Rammelzee was one of the pioneers in creating hip hop trends. Rammelzee was a leader who became emulated by later generations of hip hop singers and musicians.

Celebrity’s son who died on June 30 2010 – Christian Cunningham, 2, son of Randall Cunningham, ex NFL player, drowned in a hot tub at home. Christian was found lifeless in the tub, on June 30. Felicity and her husband Randall Cunningham have 3 surviving children.

Corey Allen, 75, actor and director, died on Sunday, June 27, 2010. Corey Allen’s cause of death may be due to complications of Parkinson’s Disease.

Celebrities who died in July 2010:

July 1, 2010 – Donald David Coryell, an American college football coach, died on July 1, 2010. Coryell was a great coach who won more than 100 games at college and the NFL levels. Coryell passed away at the age of 86.

July 6, 2010 – Harvey Fuqua, 80, died after suffering a heart attack. Fuqua passed away in a hospital in Detroit.

July 9 2010 – Vonetta McGee, 65, passed away on July 9, after a heart attack. McGee was an actress.

July 10 2010 – Robert Bobby Spillane, actor, 45, July 10. Bobby committed suicide by jumping down from his apartment in Hells Kitchen, Manhattan, NY.

July 11 2010 – Bob Sheppard died on July 11, 2010 at the age of 99. Sheppard was the New York Yankees’ PA announcer for 56 years and worked on more than 4500 major league ball games.

July 11 2010 – Natasha Padbidri, 30, ex-model, died on Sunday, July 11, 2010. Padbidri committed suicide in Mumbai, India. Padbidri may have been suffering from depression before she suddenly took her own life.

July 11 2010 – Mark Niver, a Top Alcohol Dragster race car driver, was killed on Sunday, July 11, 2010, when his car crashed into the netting at the end of the race track. Mark Niver , 60, completed his last race at the Northwest Nationals on July 11. Niver died when the chassis of the car buckled and crushed into the driver’s cockpit.

July 11, 2010 – Walter Hawkins, 61, gospel singer, died. Walter Hawkins’ cause of death was due to pancreatic cancer. Hawkins was a composer, singer and pastor. Bishop Walter Hawkins was the pastor of Love Center Church, in Oakland. Mr Hawkins’ ex-wife is Tramaine Hawkins. Hawkins left behind two children, Trystan Hawkins and Walter “Jamie” Hawkins Jr., an R&B singer; a daughter-in-law, gospel singer Myiia “Sunny” Hawkins; two grandchildren, Jamie-Daniel and Jahve. Walter Hawkins left behind his sisters and brothers – Carol, Feddie, Edwin, Daniel, and Lynette.

Harvey Lawrence Pekar, 70, writer of American Splendor comics, has died. Pekar died at his home on Monday, July 12.

July 12 2010 – Olga Guillot died at 87 years old. Guillot, a singer, died in Mount Sinai hospital, after a heart attack.

Dave Cox, Republican Senator in California, died at 72 years of age. Dave Cox had prostate cancer and had been fighting the illness for 13 years.

July 13, 2010 – George Steinbrenner, 80, died after a massive heart attack. Steinbrenner, the owner of New York Yankees baseball team, died on Tuesday, July 13, 2010, at his home in Tampa, Florida.

July 13 2010 – Vernon J Baker was an infantryman in the US Army during World War II. Baker was the only African American to be honored with the Medal of Honor for his bravery during the war. Baker passed away on July 13.

July 15 2010 – Hank Cochran, 74, country music songwriter, died at home. Cochran’s cause of death was due to pancreatic cancer. Cochran was once married to Jeannie Seely.

James Gammon, an actor, died on July 16. Gammon’s cause of death was due to cancer of the adrenal glands and liver cancer. Gammon was 70 when he died.

July 19, 2010 – Stephen H Schneider, 65, a climatologist, died on July 19. Schneider suffered a heart attack on board a plane flying to London, from Stockholm. Schneider left behind his wife, Terry Root.

July 21 – Wesley Skiles, 52, an underwater photographer/ cinematographer/ explorer, died on Wed, July 21. Skiles died during a dive underwater. Skiles was supposed to ascend before the rest of the underwater crew. When they next looked at him, they found Skiles lying on the ocean floor. The crew brought Skiles up to the surface and rushed him to hospital. Skiles died and couldn’t be revived.

July 22 – Kenny Guinn, 73, former Governor of Nevada, has died. Guinn was on the roof of his home, trying to make repairs, when he fell down. Guinn had a heart attack before he fell.

July 20 – Carl Gordon, 78, actor, died on Tuesday, July 20. Gordon’s cause of death was due to lymphoma. Gordon passed away at home, in Jetersville, Virginia.

July 23 – Daniel Schorr, 93, old timer reporter, died on Friday, July 23.

Celebrity death – Kenyon Cotton, 36, ex running back for the Baltimore Ravens, died after suffering complications from surgery to repair a torn Achilles tendon. Cotton was discharged from outpatient surgery but returned to the hospital after he had respiratory problems. Doctors placed Cotton in a medically induced coma while they tried to discover the cause of his breathing problems. After he awakened from his coma, he suffered a series of strokes and was placed on life support. Kenyon Cotton is survived by two sons, 9 and 13 years old.

July 23 2010 – Bill Cowher’s wife, Kaye Cowher, has died of cancer. Kaye Cowher’s cause of death was due to skin cancer. Kaye died on Friday, July 23, in North Carolina. Kaye was 54 when she died. Bill Cowher was the former head coach of the Pittsburgh Steelers. Both Bill and Kaye lived in North Carolina after he retired from football coaching in 2007.

Kaye Cowher is survived by her husband Bill, as well as their 3 daughters, Meagan Cowher, Lauren Cowher and Lindsay Cowher.

Theo Albrecht, 88, a founding brother of the Aldi grocery industry in Germany, died. Albrecht left behind more than £10 billion.

July 26 2010 – Leah Siegel, 43, died of breast cancer. Leah Siegel was a producer working with ESPN. Siegel had 3 children, which made her all the more courageous in her desperate fight against cancer. Sadly, after a 2 year battle, Siegel succumbed to the disease.

July 26 2010 – Adrienne Simmons, 34, from Atlanta, Georgia, did on Monday, July 26, almost 2 days after being knocked unconscious during a kickboxing fight. Simmons fell into a coma after being attacked in the match at Marriott Orlando World Center.

July 27 2010 – Jack Tatum, 61, former Oakland Raiders safety, died. Jack Tatum died of a heart attack.

July 27 2010 – Harry Galbreath, former NFL lineman, died in Miami. Galbreath, 45, died after a heart attack.

July 27 2010 – Maury Chaykin, 61, actor, died.

July 27 2010 – Ivy Bean, 104, world’s oldest tweeter, died on July 27, 2010.

Seth McFarlane’s mother, Ann Perry McFarlane, died of cancer. The Family Guy tv show creator lost his mother, 63, to cancer. Ann Perry McFarlane left behind her children, Rachel MacFarlane, Seth McFarlane, and her husband Ron MacFarlane. There may have been other surviving family members who were not yet mentioned.

July 27 2010 – Morrie Yohai, photographer/ poet/ professor/ business/ Cheez Doodle creator, 90, died. Yohai’s cause of death was due to cancer.

Dan Resin, 79, actor, died of Parkinson’s Disease.

July 31, 2010 – Mitch Miller, 99, orchestra leader, died on Sat, July 31.

Celebrity deaths in August 2010:

Alexander “Butch” Lupinetti, the creator of Smack Your Lips Barbecue, died on Aug 4, 2010. Lupinetti, 69, died while out on a vacation with his family, in Italy. Lupinetti’s cause of death was due to a heart attack.

August 6, 2010 – Tony Judt died on Friday, August 6, 2010. Judt, an author of history books, died of ALS, at the age of 62. Judt passed away in NY.

August 6, 2010 – Fredrik “Frippe” Ericsson died while trying to summit 28,253- foot K2, the world’s second highest peak. Frippe Ericsson, 35, died during the fall in Pakistan. Ericsson was climbing above Camp 4, which was 8000 meters above, when he slipped and fell down 1000 feet.

August 8, 2010 – Matt Simmons, peak oil theorist and Gulf of Mexico theorist, died after a heart attack. Simmons was in a hot tub, in Maine, when he suddenly had a heart attack.

August 8, 2010 – Patricia Neal, 84, an actress, died. Neal was the ex-wife of the author, Roald Dahl, also deceased.

Jack Parnell, 87, bandleader on The Muppet Show, died. Parnell, born British, was a jazz drummer.

Antonio Pettigrew, 42, ex Olympics world champion in 400 m run, died. Pettigrew was discovered dead in his car. Pettigrew, an assistant coach at the University of North Carolina, died in Chatham County, North Carolina.

Aug 9, 2010 – Ex-Senator Ted Stevens died in a plane crash in Alaska. It was a 1957 DeHavilland DHC-3 Otter plane.

Aug 9, 2010 – Dana Tindall, 48, General Communication Inc (GCI) executive, died in a plane crash. Her daughter Corey Tindall, 16, also perished in the crash.

Aug 9 2010 – Theron “Ted” Smith, 62, of Alaska, pilot of the amphibious DeHavilland DCH-Z3T Otter. The plane crash killed 5 out of the 9 people on board.

Aug 9, 2010 – William “Bill” Phillips Sr, a lobbyist, died in the amphibious DeHavilland DCH-Z3T Otter plane crash.

Aug 11 2010 – Dan Rostenkowski, 82, former Democrat Congressman, died at home in Wisconsin.

August 11, 2010 – Frank Vessels, 58, was killed in a private plane crash in southeast Oregon. Frank Vessels was the grandson of the founder of the Los Alamitos Race Course. Vessels owned Vessels Stallion Farm, a commercial horse breeding farm.

Winnie Langley, 102, died. Ms Langley may have been one of the world’s oldest smokers.

Lance Cade, aka Lance K McNaught, died on Fri, Aug 13, 2010. Lance Cade was a wrestler with the WWE. Lance Cade died of heart failure.

Abbey Lincoln, 80, jazz singer, died on Sat, Aug 14, 2010.

Aug 15, 2010 – Robert Wilson, 53, bassist for Gap Band, died.

August 16, 2010 – Dr Frank Ryan, 50, plastic surgeon to Heidi Montag, died in a car crash.

Aug 16 – Bobby Thomson, 86, retired baseball player, died.

August 18, 2010 – Fiona Coyne, the British TV presenter for the show, The Weakest Link, died in South Africa. Coyne allegedly committed sucide, on Wed, Aug 18, 2010. Coyne, 45, was active in theater as well. Coyne belonged to the Capab Drama Company. Coyne was a member of the Theater Advisory Panel for the National Arts Council. She was originally trained in clinical psychology.

Aug 18 2010 – Kenny Edwards, bassist, guitarist, died on Wed. Kenny Edwards, 64, was a songwriter and producer who worked with Linda Ronstadt in the 1980s -90s.

Jack Horkheimer, 72, died on Fri, Aug 20. Horkheimer was an ex astronaut, director of Miami’s Space Transit Planetarium, and host of Public Television’s “Star Gazer”.

Harold Dow, 62, died Aug 21, 2010. Dow’s death was sudden. Dow used to work as a news correspondent for CBS. Updated – Harold Dow’s cause of death was adult asthma.

Aug 21, 2010 – Nancy Dolman, Martin Short’s wife, died. Dolman was an actress who retired after 1985 to raise the couple’s children.

George David Weiss, a songwriter, died at 89. Weiss and Louis Armstrong co-wrote “What A Wonderful World”.

August 27, 2010 – Gertrude “Luna” Vachon, 48, died on Friday, Aug 27. Vachon was a former wrestler with the WWE.

Nicole John, 17, daughter of Eric John, US ambassador to Thailand. Nicole died after accidentally falling to her death, from a highrise apartment building.

Aug 23 2010 – James Fawcett, 92, father of Farrah Fawcett, died.

Aug 29 20101 – Peter Lenz, 13, biker, died when he crashed his bike and was run over by another biker, at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway.

Owen Edwards, 76, S4C Welsh language channel and ex BBC Wales controller, died.

August 2010 – Laurent Fignon, twice winner of Tour de France, died at 50. Fignon, a cyclist, died after suffering cancer.

August 2010 – Corrine Day, 48, photographer, died. Ms Day was one of the first few camera women who snapped Kate Moss and helped to launch her into supermodel status.

Celebrities who died in September 2010:

Wesley C Watson, drummer for several bands. Watson, affectionately nicknamed Wally Gator, passed away in Brooklyn, New York. Wally Gator had played drums for many stars like Lionel Hampton, Cab Callaway, dizzy Gillespie, Al Jarreau, Chaka Khan, Wilson Picket, Liberace and etc. Watson’s survivors are his wife Elise, and his sons, Aben Watson, Chieftain Watson and Ayinde Watson.

Cammie King Conlon, an actress, died on Wednesday, Sep 3, 2010. Conlon portrayed the iconic role of Bonnie Blue Butler in “Gone With The Wind”.

Robert Schimmel, 60, died after suffering injuries in a car accident on Aug 26, 2010. Schimmel passed away about one week after fighting for his life in hospital. Schimmel died on Friday, Sep 3. Aliyah Schimmel, his daughter, was driving when she swerved the car to avoid an accident zone in another lane, in Arizona.

Paul Conrad, 86, cartoonist, died Sat, Sep 4, 2010.

September 7, 2010 – Glenn Shadix, 58, actor, died after a fall at his home in Birmingham, Alabama. Shadix portrayed Otho, an interior decorator character in “Beetlejuice”.

September 8, 2010: Rich Cronin, 35, singer of the band LFO, died of leukemia. Cronin had leukemia in 2005 and was fighting the illness until Wed., when he suffered a stroke. Cronin died after succumbing to his stroke.

Sep 9, 2010 – MaLinda Sapp, wife of gospel singer Marvin Sapp, died. Malinda Sapp’s cause of death was due to colon cancer.

King Coleman, 78, R & B pioneer singer, died.

September 10, 2010 – Nancy G Lopez-Ruiz, 22, died when her motorcycle was ht from behind by a car. Lopez-Ruiz, a dancer, had recently signed her contract to appear in Miami Heat.

Kevin McCarthy, 96, actor, died of natural causes in a hospital in Cape Cod, Massachusetts.

September 11, 2010 – Harold Gould, 86, an actor, died on Sat, Sep 11, 2010. Gould was famous for being on “Rhoda” and “The Golden Girls”. Gould’s cause of death was due to prostate cancer.

Sep 13, 2010 – Edwin Newman, 91, NBC radio & TV news host, died. Newman died in Oxford, England.

Sep 16 2010 – George Parks, director of UMass Marching Band, called Marching Minutemen, died on Thursday night, Sep 16, 2010. George Parks died after a heart attack. Parks had led the Marching Minutemen for 33 years.

Jill Johnston, 81, author of Lesbian Nation, died on Sep 18,

Sep 19 2010: WAVY-TV103 Jamz radio personality DJ Law died on Sunday, Sep 19.

Sep 20 2010: Natasha Pettigrew died on Monday night, Sep 20, 2010. On Sunday, Sep 19, at around 5:30 am, Pettigrew was cycling when a car smashed into her bike in Largo, Maryland. She suffered serious injuries and was warded in hospital. Pettigrew was a Maryland Green Party candidate for the US Senate.

Christy R. Littleford, 41, said she thought she hit an animal when she felt the impact of the hit. Littleford reached home and saw a bike trapped under her car and called police. Police are investigating and charges have not been filed.

Patricia Glassop, Michael Hutchence’s mother, died at 84. Glassop died without seeing her granddaughter, Tiger Lily, 14, whose mother was the late Paula Yates. Glassop last saw Tiger Lily in April 2006.

Sep 22, 2010 – Eddie Fisher, 82, a singer and actor, died on Wed, Sep 22, 2010. Eddie Fisher was the former husband of three women who were Elizabeth Taylor, Debbie Reynolds and Connie Stevens. When Eddie was married to Debbie Reynolds, they had two daughters together and they are Carrie Fisher and Joely Fisher.

Sep 22, 2010 – Jackie Burroughs, an actress, died on Wed, Sep 22, 2010.

Sep 24 2010 – Joseph Germanotta, Lady Gaga’s grandfather, died on Friday, Sep 24, 2010. Mr Joe Germanotta was 88 when he died. Lady Gaga last visited her grandfather in the Lincoln Park Renaissance nursing home. Gaga’s boyfriend, Luc Carl, and Cynthia Germanotta, her mother were with her when she made the visit.

Sep 24, 2010: Joseph Cerniglia, a chef from New Jersey. Cerniglia was a participant in Gordon Ramsay’s reality TV show, “Kitchen Nightmares”. Cerniglia was featured in 2007’s Kitchen Nightmares. Cerniglia was the owner of Campania restaurant. In Fair Lawn, New Jersey. Cerniglia’s body was discovered floating in the Hudson River, on Sep 24. In 2007, when Ramsay and Cerniglia were taped for the show, Ramsay made a chilling prediction that the Campania restaurant business was going to “swim down the Hudson”.

A wtness called 911 saying that a man jumped down from George Washington Bridge. Cerniglia was dead when the authorities found him. Joseph Cerniglia is survived by his wife and 3 sons.

Sep 26, 2010 – Gloria Stuart, 100, an actress, died. Stuart was most memorable for her performance as an elderly passenger in the movie the Titanic. Stuart was 87 when she acted in this role.

Sep 26, 2010 – James Heselden, 62, owner of Segway, died in an accident when his Segway machine was driven off a cliff. Segway fell into the river below and was dead when he was pulled out of the river. Heselden may have lost control of his Segway two wheeled machine as it rolled over the cliff, and fell into River Wharfe, in northern England.

Sep 27, 2010- George Blanda, 83, former NFL player, died on Sep 27, 2010. Blanda held the record of playing football for 26 years, out of which he played 340 games for the NFL.

Nicholas A Marsh, a Justice Department prosecutor who bungled Ted Stevens’ corruption lawsuit, committee suicide. Marsh was facing investigations for criminal misconduct during Ted Stevens’ trial. Marsh committed suicide during the weekend of Sep 25-26, 2010.

Richard “Dick” Griffey, 71, founder of Solar, a R&B record label, died.

Monday Sep 27, 2010 – Seth Walsh, 13, of Tehachapi, California, died after being bullied for being gay. Seth Walsh was abused in school over claims he was homosexual.

Sep 28 2010 – Sally Menke, 56, a film editor, was found dead on early Tuesday morning, Sep 28, on a hiking trail. Menke died while hiking with her pet dog, a Labrador, in Beachwood Canyon, near Griffith Park, in LA. Menke was famous for working on director Quentin Tarantino’s material. Menke’s body was found at the bottom of a ravine.

Sep 28 2010 – Romina Yan, 36, an actress, died of a heart attack, at the Central Hospital of San Isidro.

Tony Greene, gospel singer in The Greenes from the Southern states, may have died. Tony Greene was hospitalized for infections and medical issues. Greene was on the ventilator when his family made the decision to switch off the life support. Some reports said Green started breathing on his own. Other reports said Greene passed away.

Asher Brown, 13, from Texas, committed suicide with a gunshot wound to the head. Asher Brown was bullied for being gay and he couldn’t take the mental and emotional abuse any more.

Sep 28 2010 – Colton Tooley, gunman in University of Texas, Austin campus, committed suicide.

Sep 28 2010: Arthur Penn, 88, died on Tues, Sep 28, 2010. Penn was the director who gave us “Bonnie and Clye”, died in NYC. Penn’s cause of death was congestive heart failure.

Sep 29 2010: Greg Giraldo, 44, a comedian and judge on a reality TV show, died. Giraldo, a judge on Last Comic Standing, died after he was hospitalized for a drug overdose.

Sep 29, 2010 – Tony Curtis, 85, died at home, in Nevada. Curtis passed away peacefully, in his sleep. In July 2010, Curtis was hospitalized for breathing problems. That was one of the first public signs that he was unwell. Tony Curtis had 6 children, from his 6 marriages. The eldest is Jamie Lee Curtis, whose mother is Janet Leigh. Jamie Lee was the sole child who joined show business as her career choice.

Sep 30, 2010 – Stephen J Cannell, 69, TV producer and writer, died of Melanoma complications. Cannell died on Thur, Sep 30. Cannell was known for beuing the producer of The A Team, The Rockford Files and etc. Cannell left behind his wife, Marcia Cannell, three children and three grandchildren.

Art Gilmore, a radio announcer for about 60 years, died at 98 years old.

Celebrities who died in October 2010:

Oct 4 2010 – Sir Norman Wisdom, an actor, died at the age of 95. Norman Wisdom excelled at playing comedy and was best remembered for portraying comic characters.

Oct 4, 2010 – Dan Gordon-Levitt, 36, actor and fire performer, died on Mon, Oct 4. Burning Dan, his stage name, performed and taught flow arts and fire spinning. Dan Gordon Levitt’s cause of death may have been due to an accidental drug overdose. The coroner is waiting for the toxicology reports (4 – 6 weeks later) before confirming his cause of death. A neighbor at the apartment block where Gordon-Levitt was staying as a guest said the actor was found with syringes and needles near his body.

Oct 6, 2010 – Antoine Kamerling, 44, an actor in the Netherlands, committed sucide. Antoine Kamerling acted in Dutch TV and movies. Kamerling is survived by his wife, actress Isa Hoes, his son and his daughter.

Oct 6 2010 – Carly Henley, 20, aspiring singer and student at the University of Washington, died. Henley was found dead on Wed, Oct 6, 2010, in a stairwell in campus. Henley’s exact time and cause of death were unknown. Police are investigating Carly Henley’s death.

Roy Ward Baker, 93, film director, died.

Oct 5 2010 – Steve Lee, singer of the band Gotthard, was killed in a car crash. Steve Lee, a singer in the Swiss rock band, died in Las Vegas area, on Tuesday, Oct 5, 2010.

Leona Gage, a former Miss USA 1957 who was dethroned for being married, has died. Leona Gage, 71, died on Oct 5, 2010.

Solomon Burke, 70, soul singer, died in Amsterdam, The Netherlands.

Joan Sutherland, 83, Australian opera singer, died. Ms Sutherland passed away on Sunday, Oct 10, 2010.

Rodger “Uncle Jamm” Clayton died. Uncle Jamm, a rapper promoter, died. Clayton died of a heart attack on Sunday, Oct 10, 2010.

Betty Pebbles, pastor of Jericho City of Praise, 76, has died.

Gertrude “Luna” Vachon’s death was due to an overdose of painkillers and anti-anxiety medication.

Oct 13 2010 – Andre Hudson, aka rapper Huddy Combs, died on Wednesday, Oct 13 2010. Huddy Combs was driving southbound towards New Jersey when his car hit a truck. Huddy Combs died on the spot and his female passenger was sent to hospital. Huddy Combs belonged to Harlem World, a group of rappers. Andre Hudson used to collaborate with Cam’ron, on music pieces.

Simon MacCorkindale, an actor, has died, MacCorkindale, 58, died of cancer.

Oct 14 – Benoit Mandelbrot, mathematician responsible for fractal geometry, died on Thursday, Oct 14.

Oct 15 – Ashley Phalen, 24, race care driver at the Mario Andretti Driving Experience, died on Friday, Oct 15, 2010. Phalen crashed the car she was driving into a wall, at a high speed. Phalen’s car then flipped over at the Auto Club Motor Speedway in Fontana. Phalen was rushed to hospital but she died there.

Oct 16 2010 – Barbara Billingsley, 94, actress, died. Billingsley died of rheumatoid disease.

Oct 17 2010 – Eyedea, or Michael Larsen, has died at the age of 28/ 29. Eyedea, one half of the music band Twin Cities, was found dead, on Oct 17.

Oct 17 2010 – Danroy Henry, a student and footballer from Pace University, was killed after being fatally shot. Henry was in a bar brawl on Oct 17, 2010, when he was shot, allegedly by a police man. Henry was in a strip bar in Thornwood, New York. After Henry got into his car, he allegedly drove and hit three cops. Henry had two passengers, Brandon Cox, 20, and Desmond Hinds. Cox had a minor gunshot wound when the officers fired at the car. Danroy’s father, Mr Danroy Henry Sr, said he knew eye witnesses who told a different version of the event that resulted in his son’s death. Mr Henry Sr wants to know the truth on his son’s death.

Belva Plain, 95, author of novels, died.

Saul Toledo, 90, Baseball personality who started as a player, then public address system announcer and writer.

Johnny Sheffield, 79, former child actor who portrayed Boy in the Tarzan movies during the 1930s – 1940s, has died. Johnny Sheffield was 79 when he died. Sheffield left acting for a second career in real estate.

Stuart Cable, a drummer with Stereophonics, died after he drank himself drunk for 3 days. Cable choked on his own vomit.

Tom Bosley, 83, an actor, died on Tuesday, Oct 19, 2010. Tom Bosley played one of the most iconic roles in TV as the father of Richie Cunningham, on The Happy Days. Tom Bosley died after contacting a serious staph infection.

Bob Guccione, 79, died of cancer. Bob Guccione was the founder of Penthouse magazine. Guccione passed away in Texas.

Oct 20, 2010 – Ari Up, real name Ariane Forster, a singer of the British band Slits, died. Ari Up was 48 when she died after a serious illness.

Oct 22 2010 – Bishop Arthur M Brazier, 89, pastor and civil rights leader, died. Bishop Brazier passed away after suffering from an illness. Bishop Brazier was hospitalized for a while, suffering from prostate cancer. Brazier died on Friday, Oct 22, 2010.

Oct 23 2010 – Francis “Fran” Crippen, 26, American long distance swimmer, died. Crippen was swimming in the 10 km race in the UAE. Crippen was swimming in the last leg of the FINA 10 km Marathon Swimming World Cup race, in Fujairah, United Arab Emirates, when he lost consciousness.

Crippen told his coach after the 8 km mark that he was feeling unwell. When he failed to arrive at the finishing point after some swimmers did, they returned to the sea to search for him. They found Crippen in deep water. Fran Crippen was rushed to hospital but was pronounced dead on arrival. Three competitors were sent to hospital after the swim, after suffering from heat exhaustion.

Oct 25 2010 – Gregory Isaacs, 59, reggae singer, died in London, UK. Isaacs’ death was due to liver cancer.

Andy Holmes, died from a bacterial disease, called the Weil’s disease, or the leptospirosis.

Lamont Johnson, director, 88, died on Sunday, Oct 24, 2010 Lamont Johnson had congestive heart failure.

Alexander Anderson Jr, 90, creator of some cartoon characters, died. Anderson created Crusader Rabbit & Rags the Tiger etc.

Leo Cullum, 68, cartoonist, died.

Joseph Stein, 98, playwright most famous for writing Fiddler On The Roof, died.

Sam Champion’s father, Lt. Col. James H Champion, U.S. Marine Corps (retired), has died. Sam Champion, the weather forecaster/ meteorologist for Good Morning America, took leave on Tuesday, Oct 26, 2010, because his father has just passed away.

Oct 27, 2010 – Nestor Kirchner, ex-President of Argentina, and husband of Cristina Fernandez (Argentina’s current president), had died. Kirchner’s death was due to a heart attack. Kirchner passed away on Wednesday, Oct 27, 2010.

Oct 25 or Oct 27 – Lisa Blount was found dead on Oct 27 but authorities said she probably died on Monday, Oct 25, 2010. Lisa Blount was a producer and director. Blount once acted as Debra Winger’s friend, in the movie, “An Officer and Gentleman”. Blount died in bed in her marital home in Little Rock, Arkansas. Her husband, actor/ writer/ director, Ray McKinnon, wasn’t home last weekend as he was out of town.

Lisa Blount had a blood disorder called Idiopathic Thrombocytopenic Purpura (ITP) – where low levels of platelets reduce blood-clotting and lead to excessive bruising and bleeding.

Oct 27 2010 – Declan Sullivan, 20, a student from Notre Dame University, was filming a football practice of his team, the Fighting Irish, perched on top of a hydraulic camera tower. Heavy winds toppled the tower and Sullivan fell to his death.

Oct 28 2010 – James MacArthur, actor, 72, died of natural causes in Hawaii. MacArthur was best known as the actor who played Danno in Hawaii Five-O.

Oct 29 2010 – James Wall, 92, actor, died on Wed, Oct 27. James Wall was best known for playing Captain Kangeroo’s neighbor, Mr Baxter.

Takeshi Shudo, 61, writer for Pokemon, the fiction character, died. Shudo suffered a hemorrhage and collapsed at the Nara Station. Shudo was rushed to hospital and operated on immediately but he died. Shudo was also the creator of Minky Momo, another character.

Denise Borino Quinn, actress, died of cancer. Borino-Quinn was best known for her acting as the mob boss’s wife in The Sopranos, an old HBO TV series.

Oct 29, 2010 – George Hickenlooper, 47, died on Fri. night, Oct 29. Hickenlooper was a director who made famous films like ”Casino Jack” and “Hearts of Darkness”.

Theodore C Sorensen, 82, speechwriter and special counsel to President John F Kennedy, died. Sorensen died after suffering a stroke last week.

Harry Mulisch, 83, a Dutch writer from The Netherlands, died. Mulisch was the writer of The Assault and The Discovery of Heaven.

Charlie O’Donnell, the presenter of the Wheel of Fortune, died at the age of 78.

Shannon Tavarez, 11, actress, died after suffering from acute myeloid leukemia. Tavarez acted in Broadway, as Young Nala, in the play Lion King.

Andy Irons, 32, world surfer champion, died in competition. Andy Irons was in the 9th of the series of 10 events when he fell sick, at the Rip Curl Pro Search Puerto Rico. The Rip Curl was the second last event in the 2010 ASP World Tour. Gossip said Andy Irons died of dengue fever. Irons is survived by his wife, Lyndie Dupuis. Lyndie is pregnant with Irons’ child.

Police found prescription drugs like Ambien and Xanax in Andy Irons’ hotel room. He was found dead after he failed to answer a wake up call early in the morning.

Andy set out from his home with a brave heart and little else. He had only about a hundred bucks in his shallow pocket. That was going to have to stretch for about 2 months, until his next pay day after starting a new job.

Robert Ellenstein, 87, an actor and director, died on Oct 28. Ellenstein passed away due to natural causes.

Celebrity deaths in November 2010:

Nick Bell, Mississippi State University footballer who played defensive end, has died. Nick Bell had skin cancer and died on Tuesday afternoon, Nov 2, 2010.

Nov 3 2010 – Jerry Bock, composer, 81, died. Bock was famous for his work on the Broadway musical, “Fiddler On The Roof”. Bock died on Wed, Nov 3, 2010.

Monica Johnson, 64, a movie writer and TV writer, has died.

November 3, 2010 – Julien Hug, former contestant in The Bachelorette, was found dead.

Jill Clayburgh, 66, an actress, died on Friday, Nov 5, 2010. Clayburgh had suffered from leukemia for the past 21 years.

Ehud Netzer, 76, Israeli archaeologist, died on Oct 28. Netzer fell at the site of a dig and died later on.

Nov 4, 2010 – Sparky Anderson, a great baseball manager who made it into the Hall of Fame, died on Thursday, Nov 4, 2010. George “Sparky” Anderson had suffered from dementia and was in a hospice before he passed away, from complications of dementia. Anderson died at the age of 76. Sparky Anderson is survived by his wife Carol Anderson, his sons Lee Anderson & Albert Anderson, and daughter Shirley Englebrecht. Sparky left behind 9 grandchildren.

Shirley Verrett, 79, opera singer, died. Verrett died in Ann Arbor, Michigan, on Friday, November 5, 2010.

Nov 10, 2010 – Michelle Nicastro, 50, an actress, died of breast cancer. Nicastro is Steve Stark’s wife.

Miriam Wosk, 63, an artist, has died.

Donald S Kellermann, 83, director for Times Mirror Center ofr the People & the Press, died of liver cancer. Kellermann passed away on Tues, Nov 9, 2010.

November 11, 2010 – Dino De Laurentiis, 91, Italian film producer, died. He is the grandfather of Giada de Laurentiis.

Dave Niehaus, 75, a sports broadcaster, died from a heart attack. Niehaus worked for the Seattle Mariners to broadcast their games. He was a faithful Mariner fan from 1977 to 2010, when he finally retired.

Nov 8, 2010 – Dr Richard J Bing, 101, died on Monday. Dr Bing was a research Cardiologist, a composer and author. Dr Bing died of heart disease.

Polish music composer, died on Fri, Nov 12, 2010.

Nov 14 2010 – Messy Mya, 22, YouTube comic, was murdered by a gunman. Mya is survived by his pregnant girlfriend and his male heir. Anthony Barre, aka Messy Mya, will be remembered in a memorial service, to be conducted later in this week.

Nov 16 2010 – Ronni Chasen, 64, Hollywood publicist, died after being shot 5 times, while driving home in her car. Chasen died along the road of Sunset Boulevard, LA, Ca.

Marie Osborne Yeats, 99, silent movie actress and movie studio costume supervisor, died

Pat Burns, a former NHL coach, died after an illness with cancer. Pat Burns lost his fight with cancer on Fri, Nov 19, 2010.

Rob Lytle, former football star player, died at 56 years old. Lytle, a former All American RB for Michigan, gained fame in 1978. He was a rookie who scored a goal for his team, the Denver Broncos, at the 1978 Super Bowl.

Laurie Bembenek, 52, ex Milwaukee police cop and former Playboy Club model, died. Bembenek was once convicted for killing her then husband’s ex-wife, Christine Schultz. Bembenek, convicted and imprisoned after the verdict in 1982, managed to escape from prison. Bembenek has maintained her innocence right until her deathbed. She died after a struggle with cancer.

Nov 21, 2010 – Norris Church Mailer, 61, the sixth and last wife of Norman Mailer, has died. Ms Mailer was an actress, model, painter and author. She died in Brooklyn, NY, on Sunday, November 21, 2010.

Nov 28 2010 – Leslie Nielsen, 84, comedian actor, died of pneumonia. Leslie Nielsen was best known for his role as the doctor in “Airplane!”. Nielsen played funny characters in comedies like the Naked Gun series, where he was Detective Frank Drebin. Nielsen had been acting for 60 years. Nielsen died in a hospital in Florida. He passed away in his sleep at around 5:30 pm Sunday, Nov 28, 2010. His wife, Barbaree Earl Nielsen, and loved ones were at his bedside.

Nov 30, 2010 – Irvin Kershner, film director, died Saturday, November 27, 2010. Irvin Kersher was famous for directing “The Empire Strikes Back”, part of the Star Wars movie chronology. Kersher died of lung cancer.

Nov 29 2010 – Mario Monicelli, 95, director and screenwriter, committed suicide. Monicelli died after he jumped out of a hospital room window. Monicelli was warded in Rome, Italy, when he unexpectedly took a decision to end his life on Monday, Nov 29, 2010. Monicello suffered from health problems with his pancreas and his condition was terminal.

Gil McDougald, 82, former New York Yankees baseball player, has died. McDougald’s cause of death was due to prostrate cancer. McDougald played for the Yankees for around 10 years in the 1950s and helped them win 5 World Series Championships. McDougald was honored when he was recognized as an All-Star infielder.

Sir Maurice Wilkes, 97, one of the first and foremost to further the use of computing in Britain, has died. Sir Maurice Wilkes was nicknamed as the Father of British Computing.

Jim Kelley, 61, hockey writer, died on Tuesday, Nov 30, 2010. Jim Kelley had been fighting cancer for more than a year. Kelley bravely carried on working until the day he died.

Richard N Goldman, co-founder of Goldman Environmental Prize. Mr Goldman and his wife Rhonda Goldman started the prize in 1989. Goldman, a philanthropist, passed away at the age of 90.

Bernard King, 72, retired rabbi, who had previously worked in Orange County, died. Mr King died at 72.

Alfred “Al” Masini, producer of TV programs, has died. Al Masini was 80 when he died. Masini passed away in Honolulu, Hawaii. Masini was famous for creating Entertainment Tonight, Star Search, Lifestyles Of The Rich & Famous, Solid Gold & etc.

Samuel T Cohen, 89, died. Cohen was the inventor of the neutron nuclear bomb. Cohen created a bomb that would destroy life forms but cause minimal damage to buildings and non-living forms. Cohen was suffering stomach cancer and had surgery prior to his death.

Virginia Knight, 92, ex First Lady of California, died. Ms Knight was married to former Governor Goodwin Knight.

Non-celebrity death but related to celebrity – Harold Smith, a suspect whom police wanted to question, killed himself when he was approached by police. Police believed Smith may have been involved in the murder of Ronni Chasen.

Sri Daya Mata, 96, president of the Self-Realization Fellowship, has died.

Sebastian Adler, 78, ex museum director, died.

Joyce Howard, 88, British actress and writer, died.

Stephen J Solarz, 70, New York Congressman, died.

Peter Hofmann, 66, German singer, died.

Jean Cione, 82, pitcher from Rockford Peaches, died.

Celebrity death on Thursday, Dec 2, 2010 – Ron Santa, 70, former baseball player and broadcaster, died.

Celebrities who died in December 2010:

Dec 2010 – Elaine Kaufman, 81, restaurant owner of Elaine’s, died. Elaine Kaufman died on Friday, Dec 3, 2010, after suffering from complications of emphysema.

Hillard Elkins, 81, producer and talent manager, died after suffering a heart attack. Elkins passed away on Wed, Dec 1, 2010.

Phil Jasner, sports writer for the Philadelphis Daily News 76ers, died. Phil Jasner was 68 when he passed away.

Don Meredith, 72, former Dallas Cowboy quarterback football player, has died. Meredith died on Sunday Dec 5, 2010. Meredith had a brain hemorrhage and went into a coma. Meredith had suffered ill health in recent years. He had emphysema recently, and a stroke in 2004. After Meredith retired from playing professional football, he became an announcer on “Monday Night Football”.

Garry Gross, 73, photographer, has died. Gross was the photographer who helped Brooke Shields shoot into fame with his famous pictures.

Maria Esther Gatti de Islas, human rights activist from Uruguay, has died at 92 years of age.

Chane’t Johnson, 34, stage and screen actress, had died.

Dec 7 2010 – Elizabeth Edwards has died. Elizabeth, estranged wife of former presidential candidate John Edwards, died of cancer. Ms Edwards, 61, passed away after fighting cancer for 6 years.

Gus Mercurio, 82, actor who had roles in The Blue Lagoon and Crocodile Dundee, died.

Alan Armer, 88, former producer turned University lecturer, died. Armer was the producer for The Untouchables and The Fugitive etc.

John Leslie, aka John Nuzzo, has died. Leslie, 65, whose real name was Nuzzo, was an adult entertainment pornography actor. Leslie acted in more than 300 porn movies. He then became a director. Leslie’s cause of death was due to a heart attack.

Dec 9 2010 – James Moody, 85, flutist and jazz saxophonist Moody died on Thur, Dec 9, 2010. Moody was suffering from pancreatic cancer before he passed away.

Dec 9 2010 – John du Pont, 72, died in prison while serving his sentence for killing an Olympic wrestler, David Schultz, in Jan 1996. Du Pont was the heir to a fortune made from selling chemicals. Du Pont was found unresponsive in his prison cell. He was hospitalized but died shortly after.

Semi-celebrity death – Sylvie Cachay, 33, fashion designer, found dead in bath tub. Police said Cachay was strangled. Cachay died in SoHo House Hotel. Her body was found on Thursday, Dec 9, 2010.

Dec 11 2010 – Mark Madoff, 46, died of an apparent suicide by hanging. Madoff emailed his wife Stephanie, who was away in Disney Florida, asking her to send someone to check on their son, who was in the apartment in SoHo, NY. Stephanie asked her stepfather to visit the home and he found Mark hanging by a dog leash, in the living room.

Mark was one of the two sons of Bernie Madoff. His father is currently in prison serving a 150 year jail sentence for his Ponzi style investment fraud. Mark and his brother Andrew were never criminally charged for swindling but he faced many lawsuits from investors who have accused him of profiteering form his father’s Ponzi scheme. Mark is survived by his parents Ruth Madoff and Bernie Madoff, his wife Stephanie, his son, 2 years old, and daughter, 4 years old.

Stephanie is not using her married name of Mrs Madoff. She petitioned a court to have her last name changed, along with the last names of her two children. She claimed their lives were in danger because of threats from Bernie Madoff’s investors.

Richard Holbrooke, 69, US diplomat and envoy, has died. Holbrooke collapsed and had emergency surgery to repair a tear in his aorta. He failed to recover from surgery done on Saturday, Dec 11, 2010, and died later on.

Dec 12 2010 – Anne Hatch, 27, daughter of former Minnesota Attorney General Mike Hatch, has died. Ms Hatch allegedly committed suicide. She was found dead in her condo home on Sunday, Dec 12, 2010.

J Michael Hagopian, 97, film maker, died on Friday, Dec 10, 2010. Hagopian made an educational documentary on the Armenian genocide survivors. Hagopian died in Thousand Oaks. His death was due to natural causes.

Dick Hoerner, former Los Angeles Rams fullback, died at the age of 88.

John A Ferraro, an actor/ director/ teacher at the USC, died at the age of 64.

Tim Davlin, 53, was discovered dead on Tuesday, Dec 14, 2010. Davlin, the Mayor of Springfield, Illinois, committed suicide by shooting himself.

Neva Patterson, 90, actress, has died. Patterson acted for 60 years and acted in around 100 movie and TV appearances.

Dec 15, 2010 – Bob Feller, 92, Hall of Famer baseball pitcher, died. Feller was suffering from leukemia before he died.

Dec 14, 2010 – Blake Edwards, 88, comedy director, died. Edwards passed away after suffering pneumonia. Edwards was married to Julie Andrews, the actress.

Don Van Vliet, 69, 1960s rock musician known as Captain Beefheart, died. Vliet had suffered from multiple sclerosis.

Samuel P King, US federal judge, died at 94 years old.

Dec 10, 2010 – MacKenzie Mack Miller, horse trainer, died. Miller, 89, was a Hall of Famer trainer of thoroughbred horses. Miller’s cause of death was due to a stroke.

Dec 20, 2010 – Steve Landesberg, 65, actor, died of cancer. Landesberg, famous for the movie “Forgetting Sarah Marshall”, died on Monday, Dec 20, 2010.

Charles DeVoe, 28, a model, died in a surfing accident. DeVoe was better known as the model who was favored by Dolce & Gabbana, Vogue, Abercrombie & Fitch, and Mario Testino. DeVoe died while surfing in the Rockaway Peninsula, in New York. His ankle strap was caught in a pole and he drowned.

Dec 20, 2010 – Magnolia Shorty, aka Renetta Lowe, 28, New Orleans rapper, died. Shorty was murdered with 26 gunshot wounds.

Charles M “Chuck” Jordan, 83, ex vice-president at General Motors design department, has died. Jordan was once the chief car designer at GM.

Fred Foy, 89, former radio and TV announcer, died.

Bud Greenspan, a film maker who had a prolific career producing many movies, has died. Greenspan passed away at his home, in NYC, at the age of 84. Greenspan’s cause of death was related to Parkinson’s Disease.

Dec 24, 2010 – John Warhola, Andy Warhol’s older brother, has died. Warhola died on Christmas Eve, Dec 24, 2010. Warhola passed away at the age of 85.

Dec 26 2010 – Tina Marie, (or Tenna Marie/ Teena Marie, 54, has died. Ms Marie was a singer, songwriter and music producer. Marie was popular in the 1970s to 2000s. Marie specialized in R & B music. Her real name was Marie Christine Brockert. Marie’s daughter, Alia Rose, found her dead in the home. Marie had apparently died in her sleep. Teena Marie had suffered from grand mal seizure before her death. It was suspected that a seizure may have taken her life during her nap. It would be at least 6 weeks for more tests to bear results. Presently, the official opinion is that Ms Marie died of natural causes.

Dec 27, 2010 – Alfred E Kahn, 93, former head of the airline deregulation body in 1978, has died. Kahn’s cause of death was due to cancer. Kahn made it possible for budget airlines to start cheap flights in the air travel industry.

May they all rest in peace and have eternal light shine upon them.


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